State & Federal Polling Locations

Opening/Closing Times

As set by State of Alabama statute, all polls shall open at 7:00 AM and close at 7:00 PM.

Polling Locations

Council Districts
(QTQT电玩 County)54Sherwood Baptist Church
6600 Old QTQT电玩 Pike, NW
(QTQT电玩 County)63QTQT电玩 Seventh Day Adventist
183 Shelton Rd.
(QTQT电玩 County)69QTQT电玩 Public Library
142 Plaza Boulevard
(QTQT电玩 County)71QTQT电玩 City Hall
100 Hughes Rd.
(QTQT电玩 County)88Faith Lutheran Church
660 Gillespie Road
(QTQT电玩 County)89QTQT电玩 Baptist Church
840 Balch Rd.
(QTQT电玩 County)90St. John the Baptist Catholic School
1057 Hughes Rd.
(QTQT电玩 County)91Restoration Church
5810 Wall Triana

City of QTQT电玩
 (Limestone County portion)

(Limestone County)0203.3M1Capshaw Baptist Church
14944 Dupree Worthey Road
(Limestone County)1301.4N1
Lamb of God Lutheran Church
11716 County Line Road

For more information regarding your polling location, call the City Clerk at (256) 772-5610 or email